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We offer professional data visualization consulting services with fast turnaround and high-quality results.

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With over a decade of experience and titles like Tableau Visionary, Ambassador, and Iron Viz champion, you can trust us to provide you with high-quality services that are tailored to meet your specific needs.


We are commited to unwavering integrity, reliability, and accuracy. We always stick to these principles and they are the basis of how we operate. Our partnership with Tableau cements our promise of delivering trusted and professional service.


We are proficient in major tools including Tableau, Figma, D3.js, and Svelte. This versatility equips us with a broad skill set in data, design and development. We can seamlessly integrate stunning visuals with powerful analytics for analysis.

High Quality

We are dedicated to creating visualizations that are not only aesthetically appealing but also accurate and meaningful. Our commitment to quality ensures that each visualization is a powerful tool for insight and decision-making.


We strive to create innovative tools and solutions that surpass the limits of what's possible with data. You can count on us to deliver cutting-edge services that go above and beyond your expectations.


Our remote operational model provides you with the flexibility you need to work efficiently and effectively, no matter where you are. Experience the benefits of seamless global collaboration with us.


We love working with great teams, and they love working with us

“Tristan is without any doubt one of the most talented person I've worked with. He combines his great technical skills with outstanding design and communication skills. Working with Tristan is a pleasure, both because he is a great person to discuss with and because you work with someone always committed to produce the best product he can, paying attention to every detail in order to deliver crystal clear insights.”

Maxime Baux
Analytics Consultant

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About LaDataViz

Jessica and Tristan run a remote-first data visualization studio, LaDataViz.


Renowned as a Tableau Visionary, Ambassador, and the 2017 Iron Viz Champion, Tristan’s fervently pushing the boundaries of conventional tools. To democratize data visualization expertise, Tristan consistently shares insights through educational content on YouTube and a subscriber-based newsletter. All of this contributes to his overarching goal of maintaining a location-independent business operation.


Proud Mexican with a Master's degree in Mechanics, Jessica has navigated diverse industries that led her into the IT sector, where she worked as a tester and developer.  Feeling the call for a more inspiring and creative professional journey, she pivoted in 2022 to switch to a more data-oriented role and joined Tristan to co-run Ladataviz!

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