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Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Tristan

I've always enjoyed combining tech and design to visually represent ideas and answer questions. It was, therefore, natural that I was drawn to data visualization.

For the first five years of my professional life, I used mainly Tableau at work and on my personal projects. When working on business dashboards, my goal is always to have a clean, simple, and efficient design. On the other hand, I like to work on personal projects to experiment, have fun, and try new visual approaches.

With this approach, I was lucky to win the Iron Viz competition, the Tableau Hackathon and become a Tableau Ambassador. Later I invented and shared new techniques to create complex charts in Tableau. All of this resulted in Tableau awarding me the title of Visionary

Today, I'm working as a Data Visualization Freelancer to help you make the best out of your data. I can help you at any step of your project by helping you choose the right tool, providing training, building insightful visualizations, and solving your technical issues.

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Tableau Expertise. With more than seven years of experience and multiple awards won, you can trust me with all your Tableau needs. I can create valuable, good-looking, and efficient dashboards in a short time. I can also help you redesigning and rethinking any of your existing product as well as helping you solve any issue you may encounter with Tableau.


Custom Visualisations. I'll help you transform an idea and some data, into a beautiful visual experience that you'll be happy to use and share. This will usually involve using multiple tools.


Information Design. I'll help you create a visual vocabulary, templates, guidelines, and best practices guides to make sure you'll always make the right visual choice for your need.


Development. I can help you develop your next interactive data visualization on the web, as well as building Tableau Web Data Connector or Extensions.


Coaching & Training. I'll help you and your team build and grow data visualization skills with personalised coaching and training, no matter your level.

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Tristan is without any doubt one of the most talented person I've worked with. He combines his great technical skills with outstanding design and communication skills. Working with Tristan is a pleasure, both because he is a great person to discuss with and because you work with someone always committed to produce the best product he can, paying attention to every detail in order to deliver crystal clear insights.

Maxime Baux
Analytics Consultant
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